Osadolor Osawemweze is an image-maker, artist, podcaster, and overall creative director. As a first-generation Nigerian American born and raised in Dallas, Texas, he focuses on how Nigerian traditions can turn into chains of progress and how western “modernity” can lead to the fading of cultural values and livelihoods. He expands upon this focus with the inclusions of the complexity of desirability politics in black masculinity, gender expression (with emphasis on fashion design), and sexuality. Through mixed media presentations of digital manipulations, intricate yet fluid sketches, and expressive photography, his work dissects the complexities and youthfulness of the African Diaspora through beautiful storytelling, whether through visual art or podcast. 
He is also the owner of his art shop, osadolor.bigcartel.com, where he sells prints and stickers of his elaborate masterpieces. As the Host/Founder of a coming of age, but irl, his social interdisciplinary commentary of pop culture moments provides unique insight on the youthful examination of the trends and ways of the world. 
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